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Digital Commerce trends that will affect your ecommerce strategy / Jour 2 - 10h30 à 11h10

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513-E - niveau 5

** Conférence en anglais **

Mobile payments came to the mainstream earlier this year, with the launch of Interac with Apple Pay with Canada’s five largest financial institutions.  During this session, Avinash Chidanbaram, VP Product and Platform Development at Interac, will provide insights into the rise of mobile payments, changes in consumer behaviour, and how it will change the e-commerce payment experience.

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Biographie Avinash Chidambaram
Avinash develops innovative offerings that enable payments through emerging mobile products, services and new platforms, which taps his passion for using technology to build solutions that deliver business value, while simplifying and improving consumers’ lives. He is a seasoned product management professional with over 10 years’ experience developing strategies and bringing complex products to market. Avinash holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering from Carleton University.

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    Avinash Chidambaram

    VP Product & Platform Development, Interac